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Project Description

There are already 1000 MP3 players... Why to create another one?

Just for fun. I was updating my WPF knowlegde and needed a study project. And I wanted to have Stormy supporting SQLite.

Besides that, when I'm listening music I'm often sitting on a distance, reading. I want to see the titles from a distance. So I like to see the program full screen, with large titles, and no irrelevant information. Most players display the title quite small (Zune is better but it is still too small).

This first, version of GrooveSharp was created in about 15 minutes, using WPF it is really a piece of cake. After that the program started to grow... But it is still not that large.

It does not:
  • it only plays MP3 from the file system. It does not play WAV, does not play from a CD, or from the Internet
  • it never writes into MP3. It reads the tags but does not write them (also no ratings are written to the MP3)
  • it does not retrieve track titles or albums graphics from the Internet
  • it does not contain play lists
  • you cannot navigate within a song. But you can go to next

It does:
  • play music from your filesystem, either from the Music folder or from other folders
  • folders can conveniently be turned on and off
  • has a full screen mode for listening-only and a small always-on-top mode for computering-and-listening
  • displays album graphics
  • can store ratings, export ratings, import ratings (also from iPad via iTunes)
  • can store other characteristics such as being a hit, live, a bonus track, a single, ...
  • stores it information in a SQLite database

It will do:
  • search (on title, album, artist, etc)
  • learn
  • ...

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